Enhancement Request: Configurable 'Give Feedback' Link in 'Board Header AI Assistant' Feature

The “Give Feedback” link within the “Board Header AI Assistant” feature could benefit from being modifiable.
The problem
Currently, the “Board Header AI Assistant” feature in the app does not allow for customisation of the “Give Feedback” link, unlike the “Board View” feature.
The use case
This enhancement would be particularly beneficial when there’s a need to collect user feedback for a specific feature within the AI assistant using a custom feedback form.
The suggestion
The “Give Feedback” button displayed in the AI assistant should be made configurable via the “Feature Details” view, similar to the setup in the “Board View” configuration view. This would allow users to be redirected to a custom feedback form when they click on the “Give Feedback” button for the AI assistant.
Here’s the button that could potentially redirect to a custom feedback form:

Additional details
Currently, the feedback form for a “Board View” feature can be configured here:

However, this option is not available in the “Board Header AI Assistant”:

It would be highly beneficial if this could be configured in the same manner as the “Board View” feature.