Error has occurred when i using Unirest with JSON data

Attempting to create a new item on a particular board but results in an error in the following JSON Data.

[ JSON Data ]

    "query": "mutation {\n            create_item (\n                board_id: ${boardId},\n                group_id: \"${groupId}\",\n                item_name: \"${itemName}\",\n                column_values: \"{\"___9\":\"Monday \"Create Item\" Test\",}\"\n            )\n            { id\n              board {\n                id\n                name\n              }\n              group {\n                id\n                title\n              }\n            }\n        }"

[ Testing Environment ]

Using Client : Unirest
Using Language : Kotlin
Using Framework : Spring Boot

Please guide me on why the error occurs and what I should do to correct it.

Hello there @thlee,

Would you be able to please send an email to with this full mutation + the response you are getting from our server?

We can take a look from there :slightly_smiling_face: