809 error code with api

Hi all. I need some help with the API call. It’s acting pretty strangely as whenever I use the app with integration, the app works fine but when I get the client to test it, it comes up with an error code. I thought maybe someone could shed some light on what I could do to prevent it.

here is the call:

  "query": "mutation { create_item ( board_id: 3188858191, group_id: \"topics\", item_name: \"<Name>\", column_values:\"{\\\"what_is_your_first_name_\\\":\\\"<fname>\\\", \\\"please_enter_your_mobile_number\\\":{\\\"Phone\\\":\\\"<phone>\\\",\\\"countryShortName\\\":\\\"GB\\\",\\\"changed_at\\\":\\\"<numberdate-yyyy-mm-dd>\\\"},\\\"please_enter_your_email_address_\\\":{\\\"Email\\\":\\\"<Email>\\\",\\\"Text\\\":\\\"<Email>\\\"},\\\"submitted_at\\\": \\\"<date-yyyy-mm-dd>\\\", \\\"description\\\":\\\"<description>\\\"}\") {id,name}}"

hi @Buatcls

Error 809 point more to an infra problem then a problem with your mutation or the monday.com API. Google “http error 809” and all references are related to VPN en firewalls. Is your client using a VPN that doesn’t want to connect to monday.com?

Asked one of them and they said that they don’t currently have any VPN or firewall settings. Unless running through a mac is the problem? not entirely familiar with the Mac’s version of built-in firewalls

Error 809 is a VPN error which usually occurs when a firewall blocks the VPN ports between the user and the VPN server.

Tips To Fix VPN Error 809
Enable the ports on your firewall/router.
Add value to the Windows registry.
Disable Xbox Live Networking services.
Enable IKEv2 fragmentation.

Rachel Gomez