EXCEL Format of tracking into Monday.com Challenge

Hi All,
Looking for a solution for something where we can track our team members engagements, leave, projects.
We previously used excel so the structure was
Rows = Days of the year (date)
Columns = team member name and team Underneath the team members name on a specific date we would have what they are allocated to: Internal L& D or leave or a project. As you scroll across the excel you can see which team member is doing what on that specific day (cant replicate in monday) please assist

Anyone have ideas on how we can replicate view of knowing what our team is allocated too in this manner

Hello @KirstenLeighton , so it sounds like you are looking to track team member availability? And/or workload? If you are open to it, you can try approaching this from the perspective of having Leave, engagements and projects as items in a board. You would then assign team members to those items with a date. Then you could create a calendar view and you can sort on each person to see their availability. You can also create a Gantt view to visualize this as well. You can add tasks directly in the calendar view so if you filter on a specific person, you can assign a task directly to them. And then you can integrate it with your personal google calendar (Outlook, etc).

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Hi Charlie,

Thanks for this, done abit of exploring and I think this may be the best approach, I will test it out and then if needed might contact you?
Thanks so much for taking the time to look into this and assist me

Hello @KirstenLeighton , Glad to hear it will work for you!
I freelance as a Monday.com expert so I can definitely help out whenever you need it. We can do a free 30 minute consultation sometime. Feel free to DM me here or email me: charlie.work360@gmail.com