Extend column edit/view/hide options to the Item Name column

At the moment the Item name is always editable, and this leaves it open for accidental changes. We are using a General Caster formula to combine a number of columns together, and push this to the Item name, to ensure we always have a uniform and consistent names, but we cannot stop people editing the name.

You have the column permissions on all the other columns, please can you allow the same edit/view permissions on the item name column, and also allow the column to be “hidden”/removed.

Given that the item name represents an identity column, it is indeed important to be able to restrict its permissions.

if your using caster then you could cast the complete pulse name to a text column then use the automation ‘when item name changes’ to cast this text back into the item name in the event that a user changes the item name.

not the same thing as a permission setting on the item name (which would be ideal) but a workaround that will assist in protecting your data integrity nonetheless.