External Requester Profile

Hi Community!

My client uses forms to gather external requests. Some of these requesters keep coming back for more.
Is there a way for the requesters to see all their requests in one place (like a profile)? My client don’t want the requesters to have access to the boards in any way so inviting them as guests is not a good idea. They also don’t know who is going to come back and submit more requests.
Thank you for your help!

Hey @Maryam,

This is a great suggestion!

Your client could set up an automation to send an email to the requester when the form is submitted (/item is created)? This way they receive all the form information via an email for each form they submit?

That said, at this time, it isn’t possible for the requester to receive copies of the forms themselves (in a profile format). Please submit this as a feature request for our community to vote on :muscle:

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