Extracting List of User IDs


I am creating a simple automation through Make to parse email text into a board on Monday. One of the requirements is to have the correct team member assigned to the Board Item, based on the parsed text which will include information about that team member.

I know that Monday creates User ID’s for each member in the organization, and that the text/JSON value inputted through the automation needs to include that User ID for the automation to assign the correct team member to that created item.

Is there a place to get the User ID’s for each member of my organization?

Hey @LukeSellers , You can use make.com by using List users operation to get a List of all users in that account with ID !

I am sorry Vahid, maybe I should have specified. I am looking to get all of the User ID’s from Monday.com. Are you saying there is a scenario I can build that will get me that list? I am new to Make, so just making sure I understand you correctly.

Nevermind, I figured it out. Thanks for the help!

Yes that’s correct you can get all the user id from monday.com account

Sorry for delay, I’m not usually active here