False Overdue tasks - best practice?

Hi everyone,

I’ve got a question from my team on how best to visually highlight if a task if overdue or not.

Currently, we have the above layout for tasks. What we’re showing is:

Status - the item is currently in for review
Work timeline - this was the INITIAL working period.
Review date - this is when an external partner will review the content
Amends - when the user will take their INITIAL concept, and make any alterations

So from the screengrab, the work has actually been “completed” and is simply waiting for a review, but its marked as overdue, which isn’t technically the case.

What changes to my layout could I do to show it is NOT overdue?

Hey Tom!

What I would suggest here is to change the status column settings to recognize the purple “Review” label as the item is completed. Even if the item is not completed, this will enable your overdue timeline to not show up when an item is simply pending review.

Here’s an article on the deadline mode where you can scroll down to the “Defining status labels as done” for instructions on this: Deadline Mode > Defining status labels as “Done”

I hope this is helpful!