Building a dashboard to show anything overdue and/or coming up due in 30 days

I have multiple boards, each with multiple timeline and status columns for the various steps each item has to go through. I’d like to create a dashboard that “looks” at all of the boards and shows me anything that is past due (as indicated by the timeline end date having passed but it not being marked Done in the status column) as well as anything that is coming up due in the next 30 days (as indicated by the timeline end date coming up in the next 30 days).

I can’t seem to configure this with the given widgets. Any thoughts?

Thank you.

Hi @JSMaxwell if a 3rd party add-on is an option, the Analytics & Reports by Screenful can produce such reports across any number of monday boards. You can create a task list and filter it by e.g. “Overdue”, “Due within 30 days”, “Completed overdue” etc. You can set it up to look at any of your Date or Timeline columns in your boards. Here’s an example chart:

These task lists can be embedded to monday dashboards, and/or scheduled to be sent automatically to selected recipients via email.

We have a 21 days free trial so you can give it a try. I’d be happy to help you to set up these reports.