Dashboard to view all tasks due dates (past/upcoming) at a Workspace level

I am a marketing program manager who is responsible for managing the execution tasks across all marketing initiatives. We leverage Workspaces as a ‘folder’ for large campaign themes and boards as the individual programs that drive campaign activities.

Workspace: Campaign 1

  • Board: Program 1
  • Board: Program 2
  • Board: Program 3

I need to create a dashboard view to see all past due, due today, and upcoming tasks across all boards within a workspace, regardless of who is assigned to them. This will allow me the visibility to check in on all tasks without having to click into each board.

Is there a way I can do this in a repeatable fashion that I can create for each workspace without having to go in and manually change all my filters settings within MyWork? I’d like to keep MyWork tasks specific to me, and then leverage a dashboard to view all tasks I need to manage across my team to ensure they are being completed on time.


Hi @craigfoy if a third party add-on is option, I suggest taking a look at the Analytics & Reports by Screenful. It allows you to aggregate data from any number of boards and create charts and task lists. Here’s an example of a task list showing a list of items completed overdue:

You can learn more about the filter options from this guide. You can share charts via links or scheduled reports, or place them into a Monday dashboard.

Learn more or start a free 21 day trial.