Fetch get delayed or completed on-time tasks for each board

Get the list of tasks for a specific month and summarize the statuses. The date type of the source column is timeline. Tasks with Timelines crossing the next month will be summarized for the next month. My boss wants a monthly column summary for the tasks.

I have an app that might help. check out simplifiedworkflows.com/date-time-mutations

Here is what I would do:
New board - Monthly report
On that new board have an automation that creates a new item every 1st of the month. When item is created set ‘date’ as today. When date changes set text as formatted date (if you want).
On your task board have a text column for monthly report date. Have an automation that when the timeline end date arrives set the text column with the same formatted date as used on the formatted date column in the monthly report board. Then use the match & connect recipe to connect the task to the monthly report board.

The monthly report board at the end of the month will have all tasks that had timelines ending in that month connected to it. You can mirror the status column to see the summary of results.

You can also just use a stacked chart I think. Just set a date column as the end date to use as the x-axis and group by month then stack by status.