Feature Release Updates!

Hey app builders!

We release great new functionality to the app framework and I wanted to share with you about it so you can start building some more amazing stuff!

  1. Item View:
    This new capability of the monday Apps Framework gives the ability to create new item views, which will be placed next to “Updates”, “Info Boxes” and “Activity Log” tab:

    User can add new item views with help of “Add view” button. This button will appear if there is at least one item view in the account, and in the future will appear for all users. Once an item view was added it will be added to all of the items in the board.

    Building an Item view is the same as building board views and dashboard widget but it gets a different context of a specific Item view:
// Item view context 
    "boardId" : 12345,
    "itemId" : 123456

You can learn about how to build your item view here:

  1. Workspace Template:
    Workspace Templates allows you to create a template out of a workspace in your account. After installing your app, users can add the template from the template center to their account:

    You can add all of your app feature to the template and they will be duplicated as part of the template. It’s a great way to package all of your app features to a monday workflow to make it easier to start using your app features and to show best practices on how to set it up. All of the settings of the views, configuration of the integration recipes will be duplicated as well.

    It can have a pretty extend configuration, which includes the solution “on boarding” experience after user uses it from the template store. You can configure which workspace will become a template, which board and view of this workspace user will be landed after the duplication process, and even the view mode for it (vertical split or fullscreen). You can also add all of the information that will appear in the template center so users can easily understand when and how to use this template.

  2. Item Mapping:
    This is an enhancement to our integration recipes. Item mapping allow you to sync external fields of an external entity to a monday item and all of it’s columns. For example sync a lead in salesforce with a monday item. You can allow the user that is adding your integration recipe to the board, to map the field that he cares about to the his columns. That way you can create one recipe that each user can use differently and adjust it to his boards and data.
    For example map the fields form a zendesk ticket to an item:

    And after adding this recipe the user can map the field:

    In order to use item mapping you need to create a new field type - dynamic mapping. When you will add this field to a recipe sentence, it will show the user the mapping screen between the fields. You need to provide the field definition url that will return a list of field that are supported in the external service and their primitive type in order to show the relevant options to the user that is configuring the integration.

    You can learn how to set it up here:

Good luck and looking to hear some feedback and questions!