Feature request - File uploading warning message

Hi, in our company we have to handle a lot of IP-sensitive files. Because of that, we disabled the file uploading option in our Monday.com account. This option would still be very useful for non-sensitive files, so we would consider to reactivate that option if we could set a pop-up message that would appear every time someone would click the “Add file” button. Something like “Do not load technical drawings or IP-sensitive information”. We would need Admins to be able to modify this message, because we might have to change it once in a while to add information or account for different languages.

Also, people get an “unexpected error” when trying to upload a file while this option is deactivated. This leads them to believe that there is an issue with Monday.com. It would make more sense to change this message to something like “Your account’s permissions do not allow file uploading”.