Folder Capability in the File Column

Please consider adding the ability to upload Folders to the file column! For us, the services that comprise a project vary greatly between projects and we require multiple plans, permits and images for each of those services. Until now, the Info Boxes have been a great location to store our project files in an easily accessible location grouped by service type. However, is deprecating the Info Boxes and the remaining file storage solutions (File View/Gallery, File Column, Updates) either lack the ability to organize our files by customizable group names (File View/Gallery), are unwieldily and obstruct access to other information (pinned Updates) or require a huge number of columns and clutter up the table (dedicated File Columns)., please enable files to be stored within folders within the file columns and/or make pinned updates collapsable to only a title view (like the Info Boxes) so they do not obstruct the updates.

So far, y’all rock and we love using, please keep up the developments!