Can you create a FOLDER column please!

A Folder column would store the path to a Folder, and open up the specified Folder when clicked. This would give easy access to files that are not stored on the platform.

In our case we are talking about lots of huge Media Files (Video & Audio) that are not practical or desirable to store on itself.

Hope this can be done, as the need for users to locate their linked assets is huge.

Kind regards Nils

I think I do something similar to what you’re looking for. All of our documents are saved in our G suite drive. For each individual customer, we have a pulse with a ‘link’ column that just contains a link to the folder in our shared drive that contains all of their information. Saves quite a bit of storage space if you don’t have one of the higher tier plans.

Hi Knowa. Thanks for your responce.

Our "documents are massive 4K/HD videofiles, 16 bit RAW ARRI videofiles and so on … so the sizes are massive. A typical drama project can easily run into 30-40 + Terrabytes of storage. The files are stored on our company NAS system, to support the speed needed for realtime playback over the internal network. We typically use 10 Gb/s network connections to the storage system for this to work at all.

So a folder link needs to be able to go to any attached storage system on the computer (local or network storage)

Regards Nils