Link Folder To Item In Monday

I hope someone can help on this! We have our projects listed in a Monday board, and each project will have various files and photos to go with it. What I would like to do is be able to go into the info box-add files, or the file column, and somehow link to a folder in Dropbox that contains the files. I can upload the files manually into Monday, but then if a file gets added in the Dropbox folder, it won’t be added to Monday unless I manually do it. We have lots of files to keep track of, and it wouldn’t be practical to update in Monday manually each time we add or change a file. Any help or thoughts would be appreciated.


It would be possible to use something like Integromat or an custom app to automatically add files when they are added to a Dropbox folder. However, using a link column to link to the Dropbox folder for the project would another solution to consider. Let me know if you would like additional details.