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I hope someone can help on this! We have our projects listed in a Monday board, and each project will have various files and photos to go with it. What I would like to do is be able to go into the info box-add files, or the file column, and somehow link to a folder in Dropbox that contains the files. I can upload the files manually into Monday, but then if a file gets added in the Dropbox folder, it won’t be added to Monday unless I manually do it. We have lots of files to keep track of, and it wouldn’t be practical to update in Monday manually each time we add or change a file. Any help or thoughts would be appreciated.


It would be possible to use something like Integromat or an custom app to automatically add files when they are added to a Dropbox folder. However, using a link column to link to the Dropbox folder for the project would another solution to consider. Let me know if you would like additional details.

Hi @JCorrell,

I have a somewhat similar situation: Using’s form feature, users fill out a form, while attaching a file. This file is then placed under the “Contract” column in Monday. We use Box as our internal file mgmt system. Ideally, I would like that file submitted by the user to automatically go into a specific Box folder and the Contract column updated to the file in Box.

I first tried Zapier, however the PDF file was transferred to Box in Binary/Text format. I am working in Integromat now, however I am unsure which option under Monday would be best suited for this. Under the Files category: List Files, Add a File to an Update, Add a File to a File Column Value. I tried other options: Get an Item’s Column Value and Get an Item, however those proved not capable of handing files. On the Box side, I chose Upload a File.

Any help would be appreciated!



I have not used Box. But, what you are wanting to do is pretty straight forward. Basically, you will want to get the monday item and get the public URL from the asset of the file you want. Then use the HTTP - Get a File module with that URL to get the file.

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