Feature request: Show actual date/time stamp when update or comment is posted

When posting an update, there is a little section next to the update or comment that was posted that shows the date posted (but it is formatted like this “23d” to indicate the comment or update was posted x number of days ago, up to 30 days, and then starts showing the actual date as something formatted like “April 4”). This is confusing and messes up our workflow because we frequently have meetings about projects and use Monday updates and comments to recap and have all info in one place, but then need to do mental math to see how long ago an update was posted and on what date.

Can we please replace the confusing “#d” date stamp display of when a comment was posted with a simple numerical date and time stamp for every update and comment posted? It would be helpful to add a time stamp as well to be able to know if an update was posted that morning or in the afternoon, especially if a project is actively being worked on and we need to know if new info was posted after a meeting or before, etc.

Let me know if there are any questions about this. Hopefully this can be a simple update!