Display actual dates and timestamps rather than relative

My company just moved over to Monday.com. Part of the goal is to move away from outlook, moving messages into Monday so that everyone has access to the information. I use the message column to back-track, on what a client said and when. I also use the global search function to look at what I have done for the week for billing purposes, etc. It drives me crazy that the time stamp on these events are relative (2 days ago, 4 hours ago, etc). It makes it nearly impossible to figure out who did what when, Especially if it is beyond the current week. I would love to have the option to have it say the day of week and date (Tuesday 8/25 9:38am). This would be so much more helpful when I have to look back on the history of events.


Sounds like a great idea for a column setting. Display actual date and time or Display relative times. Even better if we can choose the exact date and time formats.

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