File Download Restrictions

Hello! I recently reached out via email, and received a kind and timely response. My company and I would love the capability to restrict user’s ability to download files from the “files” column.

This way we can update knowledge base items on the back end and no users have an outdated file saved on their laptop. Would anyone else benefit from this feature?

Yes! We have the same problem. We need this feature in order to keep the DSGVO (data security) safe!

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Until this is available, one alternative that might work for some use cases would be to have the files column exist in a “parallel” board. Automations are available to create the “parallel” items. Once the second files board has been setup, the files column can then be mirrored on the main board. With this configuration, anyone who does not have access to the second board with not even be able to see that the mirrored files column exists.

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Thank you for your idea! Would this allow users on the original board to still be able to view the files or no?


Only if they have access to the second board. For those that do not, it would be as though the column does not even exist, even if they are an owner on that board (the main board).

We would still need the “viewers” to view the document in the file column, but restrict the ability to download it. When I change the column setting to “closed” (with the close icon), I think the solution should be in there. Just a thought.


The problem with restricting downloads is that it is not “real” security. If they can see it, they can do a screen grab or even just take a picture of the screen.

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@JCorrell that is very true :slight_smile:

@JCorrell I’m not sure how the parallel board would solve this problem? Unless I’m missing something, you’d still need to have access to the main board to view the information in that column on the parallel board. If you needed to have access to both, then what’s the benefit of the parallel board?

@KyDiemDigital Our use case sounds similar! We often use (or want) this sort of limitation around things like training or onboarding materials. For us it’s not as much about keeping the data secure, but more about making sure that people are going to the regularly updated place for information instead of something that is static/from when they downloaded it. For example, we don’t allow our users to download recordings of their training calls because the platform and technology are rapidly changing and we don’t want them to be referencing a video from 3 years ago to learn how to do something. Yes they could take screen shots, record their screen, etc to keep the information on their end but with a download restriction in place it at least ensures that the tools we provide didn’t allow them to do that.


It doesn’t. Maybe I need to wait until I’ve had my second cup of coffee before reading posts. :neutral_face: Seems like I’m a little off my game this week. Good thing it’s Friday.

The files column does not allow permissions to be set so that you can select who can “view” the column, only who can “edit” it. I was originally thinking that people wanted to control who was able to view the column not control the DOWNLOAD of files from the column. I understand now. This is a completely valid request.

No worries - it happens to us all!