File preview and download not working

Hi folks!

Not sure if this is the best place to post this, apologies if not!

We’re having some issues with files not previewing and some files are saying they’re damaged once downloaded. I couldn’t see anyone else having the same issue on here so thought I’d reach out directly.


Hi BeckyO,

I’ve had similar issues since early last week where files were downloading with incorrect file extensions - causing them to not open correctly. Most of our issues have been resolved though, with the exception of Excel .xlsm files which are still downloading as .xlsx.

Not sure if your issues fall under the same category as ours, but I’ve been communicating with the support team back and forth on this and we’re almost 100% resolved. The team has been really great at working through all of our file issues, so I would suggest emailing

Hope that helps. :slight_smile:



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Anyone currently having issues with photos showing?

We have many photos uploaded into columns on Monday and all of a sudden none of them are loading (preview) or being able to be downloaded.

Things seem to be working again now so the Monday team must be working on it in the background. Thanks for the advice though, I’ll give them a shout if it happens again! :slight_smile:

Were you experiencing the same issues? Doesn’t seem to be fixed on my end.

Yeah! Nothing was previewing at all and then gradually things started to work again and now it seems to be sorted. Maybe drop them an email as ClaireM-HD advised :slight_smile:

Happy to hear your files are working again. Mine seem to be 100% resolved now as well. :slightly_smiling_face: The support and development team were amazing to work with.

Are you still having file issues? We don’t deal with photos on our boards, but did have issues with files downloading with the wrong file extension. Our issues were around PowerPoint, Excel and Word documents but all is good now. If it helps, I can try loading an image file to my board and see if I can preview/download. Then at least you’ll know whether it’s isolated to your board, or more widespread.

Thank you for offering to help. We had file issues on Friday, March 26 along with many other Monday members. Things were back to normal that evening. We then had some more issues on Tuesday, March 30 with file issues but are now back up to speed.

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