File Columns or is it just a pretty picture column


I am having trouble with the file columns.

I have an excel spreadsheet attached to the column.

when I open the spreadsheet:

  1. On my computer it looks like a word document.

  2. On my phone it looks like a excel spreadsheet.

  3. I can not edit it on either platform.

I would like it to look like an Excel spreadsheet when I open it up from anywhere.

It would be brilliant if I could edit and save it all in the same place and same time.

Can I this?

or am I doing something wrong to achieve this.

Hey @Jorgen :wave:

I see what you mean here, and at this time this is currently expected behaviour in all 3 circumstances. I have informed our product team about this, so they are aware of this setback. Whilst I cannot confirm an ETA for an update, I will note this and continue to provide updates as they’re made known - thanks for your understanding in advance here!

Hi Bianca
Thank you for the update.

It would be nice to have a timeframe but I do understand that it is very hard to define this.

I would also like to know if it will be possible to edit the documents with in monday itself in the future as well.


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Thank you for your understanding :pray:

I have followed up with our product team and transparently the ability to edit files directly from the platform isn’t a feature that is currently being considered due to the prioritisation of longer-standing requests - I apologise for any inconveniences here. That said, I’ve made this request known to our product team so will advocate as best I can for greater consideration of it!