Opening MS Office documents (files) directly from

We are currently using in a small evaluation group of 3 people. We use a lot of Word and Excel files for the project work. These can be easily attached in
Is there a way to edit these files from as well? We would like to edit the files directly from monday. Is this possible? If yes, how?
Many thanks in advance!

Hey Carsten,

At the moment, whilst you can make annotations to files uploaded, I am afraid it isn’t yet possible to make edits to a document in monday, that would reflect in the native file/document. This is a great feature request, so please feel free to submit this for our community to vote on :slight_smile:

Hey Bianca,

Thank you for your answer. I have opened the topic as a feature request.

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Hi @CarstenPf ,

If you are open to 3rd party apps, then I can suggest trying the Smart Spreadsheet app (our company develops it).

You’ll be able to use and store spreadsheets right inside your monday instance and work with all the familiar Excel-like features. You’ll be able to import your existing files in .xlsx and .csv formats or start from scratch. If required, later you’ll be able to export your spreadsheets to share with your clients/customers.

Besides, there is a one-way synchronization: you may connect your board to a spreadsheet and all the changes made to the board will be reflected in this spreadsheet.

Best regards,
Katerina Kovriga