Filter across boards + bulk update with

TuesdaysTools is an app for that allows you to filter across boards, and bulk update items. There have been a lot of feature requests for this and we’ve been hard at work making it happen.

Here’s a quick demo -

Q: So… where’s your app? I only see…?
A: Thanks! That’s the idea, it blends right in. If you know how to use Monday, you know how to use Tuesday.

Q: Why “Tuesday’s Tools”?
A: It seemed like a good name for an app that works on Between the clever alliteration and the subtle reference to “tools from the future” it was just too good to pass up, and definitely not a bad dad joke. Definitely.

Q: Was this built on top of other software owned by Tuesday’s Tools?
A: Nope. 100% built from scratch. Tuesday’s Tools did not exist before this hackathon, and has no other software (yet!).

Q: Can you add ?
A: Please tell us the fondest desires of your heart, and we’ll add it to our rapidly growing list of feature requests! We plan to make it public and integrate a voting system soon!

Q: How hard is this to install?
A: So easy, just pick the boards you want and you’re done! For you overachievers out there, add a couple of filters, save as a view, and high five your coworkers as you head home early.

Q: How is this different than ?
A: Those learning curves, they’re brutal. Our motto is “If you know Monday, you know Tuesday”. Rest easy knowing that your coworkers, team members, employees, cat, and maybe even the Amazon delivery driver you saw today will instantly increase their productivity, without needing another 4 year degree.

Q: Where is ?
A: While complete feature parity with regular board views is on the roadmap, it was simply too much to finish in the time allotted for the hackathon. It is coming, and new features will be added incrementally as soon as possible. It’s a huge and robust feature set, and a herculean effort to match, but we’re up for it. Hold my drink and watch this!


Hey all,

I’m Anders, and I’m the developer for this project.
We’ll update the first post with a link to install (can also be found on the hackathon project page linked below) and contact information.

This is our “combined board view” feature, and one of the most common things we hear is “so where’s your app?” - it looks pretty much exactly like a regular board view, except that it combines pulses from multiple boards, and you can save filters as “views” (shareable views coming soon!).

Here’s a screenshot and link to the hackathon project.


Wow. I’ve been looking for Monday to add a feature like this since day 1. This might just fix most of our agency’s issues with our staff not being able to find work. Can’t wait to give it a whirl. Any broad estimates on release?


Thanks, @Aaren! We’re super excited to unleash this wave of productivity onto the world. Only a few short weeks…

Saw your sub come in - thanks! You’re on the list to get notified the second we’re live.

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@TuesdaysTools and @anderslyman

Thanks for making an awesome app like this! I’m sure you’ll have more and more users like @Aaren flocking your way, as this is truly something that can help teams improve their performance :slight_smile: Our team is also really impressed with the work you’ve done here - great job!


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Thanks @AlexSavchuk!

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@AlexSavchuk Thanks! We’ve been working hard to optimize the user experience and look forward to the opening of the marketplace.

@Aaren sorry I didn’t address your question yet - we’ve heard from Monday that the App Marketplace should be available some time in October. We’ll let you know more info as soon as we have it!

@TuesdaysTools — I was just playing with the example install and it looks great. So many options!

Is it a limitation of Monday to auto-add boards? I’ve played with a few apps with similar goals and none seem to be able to do that. One of our biggest issues was that manually adding still leaves lots of room for error through missing boards, considering (a) new boards aren’t added automatically (b) there seems to be a global limit of 40 or so boards and © there is no mechanism for ensuring all staff sample the same boards. Essentially, when we say “all tasks”, we want staff to literally see “all tasks” so deadlines aren’t missed.

Thanks! Looks like I’ll be excited for October.

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Not a limitation per se, but also not really supported by the platform.
Live updates can only be subscribed to for boards that are manually “checked” when the dashboard is created, for example.
That said, I actually started going down that road initially, and could revisit given sufficient interest.
Two things to be cautious about:

  1. I’d want to be cognizant and respectful of the Monday limitations around the number of boards that can be connected to a dashboard as that’s tied to their pricing structure. I don’t want to subvert that and I’d need to make sure I only auto-add boards up to that number.
  2. There are many users (mostly admins I think) with access to hundreds (maybe thousands?) of boards. That gets out of control quite rapidly, so there’d need to be a way to opt in to that behavior for those that want it.

It has been on my mind though, and assuming I can coordinate a couple of things with Monday (determining the account level, for instance), then it’d be a relatively low-effort addition.


Ah! Makes sense. Thanks for the explanation! I was wondering about that.

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We’ve obtained permission from the Monday team to use all boards.
As such, we’ve added the following toggle to the top of the app:

The link above should still work to install - let me know if you get a chance to try it out!


Nice!! That’s awesome! Hope this does the trick @Aaren, let us know if we can help with anything else.


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This is fantastic!

At present the install link says it’s yet to be approved/reviewed by Is there a rough time frame for when this might happen?

You know, I’m not sure why it would say that - we are in the app store though, so do a search for “combined board view” and it should pop right up!

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Get an error message when trying to install…
“This page is restricted”


Hi thanks for letting us know! Maybe try going directly to the Monday App Marketplace, then looking in the Reporting & Analytics section?

Here’s the direct link -

@AlexSavchuk would someone see a “This page is restricted” message (as pictured above) if they didn’t have admin rights to install an app?

@anderslyman hello! I have installed the app, but I can’t see where/how to use it. Is there a video someone?

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Hello! Yes, we have a video here - Combined Board View for - YouTube

Also please reach out and we can set up a zoom!

Thanks. I watched that one previously, but it only explained what it was not how to set it up.

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