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i need to get data by API from specific date, i read this post that monday can get data using items_by_column_value by specifying board_id, column_id, and column_value. But i cannot use ‘created_at’ or ‘updated_at’ column, based on this example we can use ‘date’ From documentation, the result are shown but weird, what is this ‘date’ parameter refer to? is it ‘created_at’, ‘updated_at’ or something else? because it shows result outside the specified date

Hey @AliveNata - welcome to the community!

As Dipro mentioned in the post you linked above, the only way to filter by date at the moment would be to implement the parsing on your side of the script.

Could you expand a bit more on the use case you’re going for here? Are you trying to pull a date column?


Hi @dsilva ,

My work mostly on analytics side of the team, i need to setup data extraction automatically to our data warehouse, since extracting data by date is not possible using GraphQL api, currently i pulled data by board id, and select all columns that i need inside of it. But this is obviously not scalable, over time user will add more items into the board and api will reach it’s limit like this :

Will be really helpful if we can pull only changed items, so i can pull the data in a daily basis for yesterday only data (not all items).
Do monday plan to develop feature like this in the future?

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