Filter Widget based on date of an item

I am trying to filter a dashboard widget to sum the total budget before the date of a milestone on the board. Is there anyway to filter based on the date specified on a item in the board?

Hey Liam,

Whilst it’s possible to filter by date specific to each board (via advanced filters) as shown below…

I am afraid it isn’t currently possible to filter by a specific date in each board, if this is what you’re looking to achieve? I apologise for the setback!

Hi @lnorris25 ,

I think yes we can do this if i understand your problem correctly. Attaching few screenshots for you to have a look.

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Aquib Zafar

Ok, do you know if there are any 3rd party apps that enable this?

Hello! you can use in advanced filters the option filter by date, then the condition “between” and then choose a specific period that can be the one you want.

You’re right!! Great flag Jose - thank you for raising this :raised_hands:

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Hi Bianca! I’m glad to hear it! I’m looking forward to what I can do to help the community. I hope this information is helpful to @lnorris25 .

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I am wanting the specific date to be tied to a date that is specified in an item. I don’t want to have to select the date. So if the date in the item changes the filter on the widget will adjust as well.