Filtering data received from POST request

Can anyone please tell me how to exclude columns in my POST request?

This will get all the columns for that board and item:
boards(ids: 690783129) {
items(ids: 732774573) {
column_values {

If I change it to include:
column_values(ids: column1,column2,column3)

I can get only the one I want, but is there a way to exclude columns I don’t want? So I can run the query and it will only get columns 1 and 3, and will exclude 2.

Thanks heaps,

Hey @Matt_Fox!

Right now the only option in the API is to manually define the columns as you listed above. If you are parsing the information being returned, one possible way might be to process the return JSON and manually remove the column. Or perhaps running two queries - one that will just retrieve the column names so you can parse them out.


Hi @dsilva,

Thanks heaps mate, I’ll continue to manually define them for now.