Filtering requests

I’m wondering if the Grapghql schema supports filtering, or perhaps will in the future, so if I have a column type of date I can filter by upcoming dates? I’m not entirely sure if it does or not I’m just wondering if this kind of call is yet possible in V2. Thank you for any feedback here. Great work with choosing to use GraphQl as I know it a huge leap forward :slight_smile:

Hey @kevinmarchese! Great question :100:

To filter out specific items based on a date column, you can use the items_by_column_values query! Here’s an example that gets the name and ID of all items that have a date set to July 2, 2018:

query {
  items_by_column_values (limit:5, board_id:BOARD_ID_HERE, column_id:"date", column_value:"2018-07-02") {

You could take this example and loop through the dates you’re trying to filter on, and then post the resulting items to Slack. What do you think?

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We are planing to add search and filter options to our GraphQL API very soon :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you so much :smiley: , I will try this very soon and get back to you on this. Kudos on the grade A support here. just awesome :clap:


I think I will have to wait on the filter options. I’d like to grab say all upcoming dates from the date column in the pulses starting from ( say July 9 ) and just somehow grabbing the next 3-5 upcoming dates and return those pulses key informations in json.

Not even sure if this is possible without some fancy javascript for looping and if ( filtering ) atm. but will see, I’m still digging into the greatness that is Graphql functionality.

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Hey Kevin, sure thing! Keep your eyes peeled for that filtering and search tool :sunny:

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