Finding archived documents

In our team we are utilizing a structure like this

Each project has its own subfolder and within that some boards and documents reside. We now have the case that the information in one document are currently not valid anymore but might become valid again later. My idea was to archive the document for the time its information are invalid. And once the information become valid again restore it from the archive. But the archive provides just a basic search over all archived items. So I fear that I am not able to find it again because I will probably forget the exact name of the document once I want to restore it again. Is there any option to filter the archive by workspace or even folders within a workspace? Similar to Boards having a history for archived items.

Hi @ManuK !

So as of right now there is not an option to filer the archive in the account. But it does archive in chronological order! The newest Archives are near the top so if you know when, that might be a little easier.

I personally love using docs in the Files column. They then can be connected to a specific item and categorized/filtered however you would a normal table view.

Hope that helps!

Thank you Jai-Lynn,

I moved the documents into the files column of a board specifically created to hold the documents. This way I can use the archive history of that board if I need to restore documents later.

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