Changes to Archive Search on Board Level

This is a function that used to work very well for us but recent changes on left it broken.

We use archives on our boards extensively. This feature has worked very well for us. After an item is completed, we move it to a “completed” group for 90 days and then it is automatically archived. This work flow has worked very well as the powerful archive search lets us look at any archived items for that board.

Recently there was a mandatory year/month filter added to board level searches so we have to click through several years of empty results to find the one we’re looking for.

If we need a date search on archive searches, we need a slider like the global search has as shown here below:

If I wanted to do the same search per board, it would take 36 clicks to get back into early 2021 and more to go back farther. Adding a date range slider to this would once again make the board archive search practical to use.

Hi @darren!

This request doesn’t seem related to our API or apps, so I am going to move it to the general platform request queue (but let me know if I am missing something!) :smiley:


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Agreed! we have the same issue with how many clicks it takes to search the archive now especially when I don’t know exactly what month something was archived. The unfiltered archive was better, add in the option for monthly or for a time range would be acceptable also.


This is broken right now and messes up with our workflow. It used to work perfectly fine before.


Agree! We need to look up archived items at times and it has become very difficult to dig through.

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+1 vote from me, but I would just prefer the old search where you’re not limited by any time frame. Maybe have a date slider as an option.

Right now looking for anything archived now requires trying to remember when you archived that specific board/item, otherwise you’re checking every month one click at a time.

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This change has taken the search function from a great tool. To a cumbersome pain. Please change it back!!!

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Please change it back. As mentioned above, it takes many more “clicks” of the mouse to get to the same destination and is not time effective. Thank you.

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Im in the same boat as everybody else. Why they limited it to a specifc month is crazy. Ive already started the search to replace monday(dot)com because of this alone.

I feel like this is a step backwards. Before this we could search the entire archive filtered by board. Having to click through each month wastes time.