Searching Archive Limitations

Items within the archive are no longer searchable unless you’ve selected the correct month. I would appreciate it if the archive was reverted and searchable as a whole once again. I often need to search for specific archived items; if I don’t know what month it was archived in, it takes hours to find.

I am extremely frustrated by this. I am amazed that they limited the search function. I have three years’ worth of projects, yet now I have to search month by month. I’ve already started looking at a product to replace This feature should have never been removed and should have been added back immediately.

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This limitation is still in place. Searching my archive is a real pain. I have 3 years of items that I need to revisit on a monthly basis in some capacity. Had I known the archive would become so difficult to use I wouldn’t have archived anything. Please, revert the archive search to default to the whole archive.

I’ve discovered a way to search the archive without limitation. Click the search icon in the top-right, next to the ? icon. Enter your search term in the search bar and then click the Search archives checkbox below the Filter by date button.

I’m not sure why customer support didn’t suggest this way of searching archives. I hope this helps you, Aaron.

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