Prohibit Item Archiving: Safeguarding Information

Currently, within the Monday platform, users have the capability to archive items, which can inadvertently lead to the loss or inadvertent removal of critical data. Although there is a feature to prevent users from deleting items, there isn’t a corresponding option to restrict or prevent the archiving of items. The proposed enhancement suggests implementing a feature that allows administrators or workspace owners to prevent users from archiving items, thereby ensuring the preservation of important data and maintaining data integrity. By introducing this functionality, organizations can enforce stricter data management policies and minimize the risk of accidental data loss or removal.

I really like this idea. What I would add is also the ability for Board Owners to restrict people to add new items to the board directly on the board but so that they can only add new items via Forms. I have an issue with people adding additional items to the board without noticing and messing up the consegutive autonumber provided by the auto number column.

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