Answers: Where can I look for and recover "lost" data?

Did you accidentally archive or delete data from your board? Have you “lost” any information that you are looking to recover? Well, no need to fear! You can recover archived or deleted boards, items, groups and more with the click of a couple buttons. :raised_hands:

There are a few ways that you can retrieve archived/deleted information:

1. Board-specific archived history: From here, you can locate any archived items, groups or columns from a specific board by clicking on the three-dot menu at the top right of your board, navigating to “Board settings” and then “Archived history”, as so:

2. Archived boards: If you’ve archived an entire board, this would be the place to go! To locate the board archives, click on your profile picture at the bottom left of your screen and select “Archived boards”.

3. The recycle bin: If you’ve fully deleted items, subitems, columns or groups from your board, as well as entire boards or dashboards, you can locate them within 30 days in the recycle bin through the same profile picture menu:

It is important to note that data erased from within a column cell (e.g. deleting a date from within the Date Column) will not be able to be recovered from the recycle bin or archives section. In order to recreate deleted cell data, we recommend to check out the Activity Log for further information on the data erased.

You can find more information on recovering deleted or archived data in the below articles:

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