Recover Private Boards

As an admin, I was cleaning up the various workspaces. I migrated boards to their new spaces and then began to delete the old workspaces in an effort to keep things free of unnecessary clutter.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t aware of a private board that was still inside a workspace that I deleted. I have restored the workspace itself but the private board didn’t recover. How can this private board be recovered and assigned to a new workspace?

I haven’t had this issue (yet), but has the owner of the private board trying checking their recycle bin? You may not be able to see the board in the recycle bin, but perhaps the owner can and they can move the board to the new workspace/temporarily give you access to do the same thing.

The board owner did check their recycle bin but nothing. I’ve asked her to check her Archive. Will update if she finds it there.

The private board DID end up in the owner’s archived section. So we were able to restore and relocate the board as needed.


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