Boards completely disappeared

So, beyond baffled at this.

For the better part of three years, we’ve had all of our clients boards separated into folders in our main workspace. We decided to make individual workspaces for each client and then move all boards pertaining to that client into their workspace.

We moved three boards from main workspace to that clients workspace. We went to that workspace and could not find the boards. Went back to main workspace and could not find the boards. These are boards that had A LOT of finished work on them for upcoming social campaigns.

Checked archive, nope, checked recycle bin, nope… searched everything possible in Monday and there is zero trace of these boards.

I’ve had so many annoyances with MDC but this one really takes the cake.

Anyone experience anything similar? MDC Team? Any help here. This will cost us upwards of $2k - $3k in work/time alone if we have to start over. Unreal.

@DimTaniels Yikes! Pulling in some Monday team members for extra visibility. @dipro @Helen

If you haven’t already, definitely start a ticket with Monday support via

I haven’t experience this or seen on her yet, but a few suggestions that I can think of:
-Check permission settings for the Client Workspace? Maybe the boards were set one way, and the Workspace is set another?
-On a similar note, did anything regarding the users involved change during the move? If so you may need to switch board ownership.
-Under Admin>Tidy Up you can see all boards and archived boards. This won’t show private or sharable boards, but maybe it will show up here.
-Make a new board, set an automation to go off in an hour, two hours etc. Move this board the same way you did the first three. If the new one disappears(and isn’t totally gone) the automation firing off might help you locate it and the previously lost boards.

I can only imagine how frustrating this would be. I hope it gets resolved!

Hey @DimTaniels! That sounds really frustrating—can you write in to about this? We’ll be able to get you the quickest support from there.

One thing I would also try is finding a notification from one of those boards (either bell or email), clicking on it, and seeing if that clickthrough takes you to the boards and allows you to locate them.