Finding the column ID of an item in

I am really struggling to find the column ID of an item to update the value for. The item lives in a template, and when the board is created, I can make other requirements work by hunting down the board and its new name etc. I can identify the item ID of the item in the new board, but can’t seem to work out how to map the Column ID. When I use a Get a board and the Get an item modules, it just doesn’t seem to offer an ID# for the column I want to update.

Hi James,

In, if you go to “Monday Labs” in your account settings:

There you can find a setting to toggle on Developer mode that will allow you to see template IDs, column IDs, etc.



I believe if I am reading your post right, then you need to activate Developer Mode in the Monday.labs.


Thanks Avery, you are right - dont know how I missed that.

I continue to get this error though, and have no idea what the issue is?

I am sorry James, but I am not too familiar with so I would not be able to help you there.