Flagging outlook (Office 365) email

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I’m new to monday.com and would like some insights on how common Office 365 habits can be handled by Monday.com. I hope Monday.com will result in less mails, but still, to organize mails that need attention, I’m a heavy users of Outlook flags (https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/office/flag-email-messages-for-follow-up-9d0f175f-f3e9-406d-bbf7-9c57e1f781cc). Is there a way to transfer/link these flags (Outlook tasks) into Monday.com?
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Did you figure out a way to do this?

No, unfortunately not yet.

When I create a “date” column with a first deadline, I enter the dates manually, I would like the dates to be automatically created in the column of the second column based on a time of 10 days, for example. How can I create this automation?