Folder Level Permissions

Having the ability to share all documents within a folder instead of going file by file to share with people would be very helpful.

Hey @MarkP!

Just to clarify, when you reference ‘documents’ within a folder are you referring to the boards, dashboards and docs that sit within the folder and setting permissions that apply to all the content within the folder? I just wanted to check if your request matched the existing feature request here, Permissions at Folder Level ? Thanks :pray:

Hi Bianca,

While the post you linked does seem similar to what I am requesting, it does not appear to encapsulate the main feature I would like to see: sharing all items (boards, dashboards, docs) contained in a folder at once instead of opening each board, dashboard, doc individually to share.

I am the administrator of projects at my organization and when a project get the green light, I create a project folder with a series of pre-made artifacts (dashboard, WBS, Scope, Issues List, Retro doc, notes, etc.) and then share the contents of that folder with the project owner. I would love the ability to click the three dots on the folder to share/add new owners to all the contents of the folder at once.