Share Files on Board Level

We would like to share files on Board level (entire project level)

we have seen the ability to add files column and Files view, but we have not detect a way to share several files so all members

Example, we are ruuning a project the design documents should be on a shared folder so any of the team member could view any time. It is NOT task related and we do not want to create a specific column for it.

Hi @Shaylo1
Have you tried with the Files View?

Yes we have, but this one is for all the files on the board.
You still need to put the files somewhere and the only place is on Task level.
But these files as mentioned are not for specific Task but for the entire Board\Project.
So we are still looking for a way to place files\document on Board level

Ok. I see.
In other cases (if we host the files from another cloud system), we can embed them in this view: as they are not attached to any pulse.

That’s a very nice feature, which is not a replacement for publishing document on board as part of the project, but give some flexibility for the time been.
Thanks a lot for sharing :slight_smile:

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