Attach general files to a board

Hi Monday; I would like to be able to attach files to the board itself.

My team often needs to attach a general file for all tasks on the board, e.g., a brief, an Excel sheet showing an overview, or a pdf. Files that are general to my project and not a single task.

We often experience confusion about where we should save these files should be saved, and then they are placed in Teams or a folder on our drive. It would be less complicated and faster if you could easily access these files on the board.

Hey @Sbi - in these cases we normally designate the top group of the board and a single item for the storage of project/board level files.

Another way to look at it could be to create an Overview Board, which is basically a one-liner per project that has all the high-level details of the project. This is a good location to store related files. You could then also mirror back tasks status to the overview board for a have an easy sense of all project health.

Hope this helps,