Attach files to board description (or store them in another, dedicated spot pertaining to the board AS A WHOLE)

I would love if there was a way to add files to the board description. Here’s an example for a case in which this would be super helpful: We have created a board for managing the process of hiring a new PR manager. Each item in the board represents one of the applicants. In a FILE column, we are storing a given applicant’s documents (such as CV etc.). But: There is no proper place to store files that pertain to ALL applicants. I am thinking of a PDF of the original advertisement of the position. Or a PDF of our organisation’s regulation concerning hiring policies. I could, of course, create another file column for that and then simply have the same “general” files appear for all items, but this seems a little awkward and tedious.

So, if there was a way to add files to the board description, that would solve my problem. Alternatively, of course, there could be a dedicated spot somewhere in the top area of the board, to the right of the STAR for example, that would work as a drop zone for these kinds of files.