Can we add a link or file to a board (not an item)?

We have a google drive file that is related to the whole board, not just an item in it. We would like it to be directly accessible from the board, with one click. Is there a way to add a link or a file to a board?

Hi @jparty ,

For general board information/links, our team utilizes the board description.
To add a board description, click on the 'i" icon next to the board name and add the link to the pop-up - pictured below.

Once the board description is populated, it will look like this.


This will require people to click “See More” and then click the link in the board description, so it is not quite 1 click, but is still pretty easy to find and access by users.

The other solution for a true 1 click is creating a dummy item at the top of your board with the link. The item could be called Google Drive Link, and the link field could be filled out with the link to the google drive, but that may not be as intuitive and could interfere with your reporting.

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