Folder Visibility

No members OR owners within my workspace can see any of the new folders being created within the space. Any ideas on what the issue may be causing this?

Hello Amber, Welcome to the comminity, This issue normally raises when you create folder using API call. If it is not that case then check your permisiions.

So, I’m pretty new to Monday… my permissions are all set up correctly for everyone to see everything. How do I create folders without using API Call?

Have you reached out support using ?

Can we assume you’re creating the folders by clicking with your mouse and creating folders, not automation or an app?

The Community is much more geared toward how-to do things, seeking advice, etc. Its okay to post to see if others are having an issue to call attention to it though. But definitely not the best place to get a bug resolved though.

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You might find this article on folders useful. It covers basic understanding, how to create/edit/delete/color etc. and is a quick read with helpful pictures.

Happy to chat all things any time! :slight_smile:

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Good morning! Thank you for the tip… I certainly thought it was user error and not a bug which is why I came here…thinking someone would know the “quick fix” to my stupidity LOL I will reach out to support!

Even if it is user error, you can grant support staff access to the account and they can see better whats up. Can’t really give randoms on the community access to your account to dig around.

The only way a folder may not be visible is if the user who created it only created private boards in it. As long as one board is not private the folder should be visible. Or there is a bug happening!

Hi @Akirks ,

I’ve had this happen before as well. It seems like when a new folder is created with no boards underneath, no one but the creator of that folder is able to see it. If you get any word from support, let me know if this is a bug or something that they plan to fix!

I think thats by design, its actually the presence of a board someone has access to being in the folder that makes the folder visible. If its only private boards you can see, then only you will see the folder.

Check folder permissions settings to ensure visibility for members and owners.

re: “It seems like when a new folder is created with no boards underneath, no one but the creator of that folder is able to see it”

Per their knowledgebase article on Folders,
a) this is true,
b) this is horrible for my use case.

Such as, “clients on hold” as a folder, and if there happens to be no boards in that folder, NO ONE CAN SEE THE FOLDER, to even move a board TO the folder when a client is on hold / should be moved to that folder!! It has disappeared as a folder.

To me this makes no sense (though maybe some like this?)
I build the structure for our users, so if they aren’t the “creator” of a folder, they can’t see it if it is empty! There absolutely should be at least a choice, in this setting aspect, somewhere.
@Julietteb maybe you have input?