Forcing a specific day of week of workback

Hi! I am setting up a workback subtracting days from a date based on dependancies and used the hidden formula from The Monday Man which worked AWESOME! but I would like to take it one step further if possible. Two of my tasks MUST fall on a Tuesday - The brief date and the creative presentation date. Is there a way in the network days formula to force that. Not ALL days must be a Tuesday, just 2 in a list of 20.

Given his stellar expertise on this one, I might involve the monday man himself! Hey @JCorrell :wave: What are your thoughts on taking the formula a step further? I will raise this with our internal formula team too to investigate :mag:

Hi Sheri,

If you want to get the first Tuesday after a specific date, you can use this formula:

  • WEEKDAY({Date},1) returns the day of the week of your date (Monday: 1, Tuesday: 2)
  • MINUS(2,WEEKDAY({Date},1)) calculates the difference in days between the date and the next Tuesday. If the date is already Tuesday, this part becomes 0.
  • IF(WEEKDAY({Date}, 1)>2,7,0) checks if the given date is after Tuesday. If it is, it adds 7 days to move to the next week’s Tuesday.


  • ADD(MINUS(2,WEEKDAY({Date},1)),IF(WEEKDAY({Date},1)>2, 7, 0)) gives you the number of days that needs to be added to get to the next Tuesday.
  • ADD_DAYS({Date},ADD(MINUS(2,WEEKDAY({Date},1)),IF(WEEKDAY({Date},1)>2, 7, 0))) adds that number of days to the date.
  • Then we use FORMAT_DATE to get the date in a YYYY-MM-DD format (optional).

Now all you have to do is find a way to identify the dates that need to fall on a Tuesday (you’re not explaining how this can be done). You’ll probably have to encapsulate the above formula in an IF statement.

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Thanks for stepping in @GCavin!

@SheriB that should do it for you.