Form file upload error


I have a form from Monday, but the file upload option doesn’t work anymore. People can’t upload any files.

Can somebody help me?


Hey Taynna,

Why don’t you try our easyform app. Our advanced file upload feature is currently in private beta - once you install our app and add it to your board, send me your account url privately and I will enable the feature for you. Our file uploads support the following:

  • Limit number of files that can be uploaded
  • Limit file size
  • Permit only specific file types, such as only images
  • Allow users to retry uploads if some of them failed

Here’s an example of it in action:

Upload profile photos

Ronen @ Easyapps

I’m having this same issue, any progress from @CXS on this one?

Hi @Bridget - is it possible it is a permission issue or you hit your file storage limit? Are you getting a specific error?


Hey Mark,

Shouldn’t be a permission issue as I’m and Admin and the board owner am experiencing the issue myself.
Potentially storage, didn’t think that would be an issue - where do I look to check our limit?

No specific error. Just a simple “Upload failed”


Just found our storage, it says we have unlimited so shouldn’t be an issue.

I am having this problem…any updates?

I am having the same problem.

I can’t upload files using forms. Any idea or suggestions?

Tips to fix-
Check Google Drive’s Status.
Troubleshoot Your Network Connection.
Check Your Storage Space.
Rename Your File.
Restart the Google Drive App.
Disable Your Antivirus and Firewall. .

Rachel Gomez

Hi all! There a number of reasons for why you might run into an error message when uploading files. If you can please share a screenshot of the error message so we can see why this might be occurring, that would be greatly appreciated :pray:

I’m getting the same error (as admin, no storage issues)
Screenshot 2023-03-24 102923

These files are 5-7MB .mov files.

Thanks for sharing this screenshot!

As mentioned, form upload errors can occur for a few different reasons, so please check the below points and let me know if there are any that might apply.

  • Can you confirm that the user who created the form still has access to the board and permission to upload files?

  • As such ^^ can you confirm that there are no board/workspace/admin level permissions in place impacting the ability to upload files?

If you’re still experiencing issues here, please reach out to our support team via who will be able to further investigate this for you :pray:


The user who created the form no longer works for us and has been deleted.

I switched her permissions to me (maybe I did that wrong).

She created the board with the issue.

When I check permissions, the spot where you usually see boar downers nevers shows up, it’s just grey dots.








Thanks for your reply! I believe the issue here is directly associated with the fact that the form owner no longer is apart of your account. No worries however, this is a fairly quick fix that our support team will be able to assist you with - they will just need your form URL in order to replace form ownership to either yourself or another active user. If you can please reach out to support via explaining the issue, they will be able to resolve this for you! You’re welcome to mention you spoke with me via community and share this link :pray: