Form Response Viewer Down?


The Form Response Viewer has been down for us since last Wednesday. Is anyone else having the same issue?

We rely on it to create proposals and move new job inquiries along, so this is a bit of difficulty for us.

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I emailed Support on Wednesday about this and I got a response that they are aware and the developers are working on it. It’s been bad for my work as well and I’m having to export items to an excel sheet, clean it up and turn it into a pdf in the meantime because those items cannot wait. It’s really messing things up. I wish we could get an update.


Also summitted support request, seems there is a new app WorkForms Submission Viewer available to add to the board - it is missing search and filter but export to PDF is available, you will have to navigate to next to find your item to export


I am having the same issue, the new WorkSpace Viewer lacks the right formatting when sending to printer. We can’t get it to fit on letter paper properly which is an issue for our operation. Our team relies on paper copies of the forms.

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We are having the same problem for a week now, not able to generate reports for quotes or despatching and just told to use the replacement app “Workform Submission Viewer” Though this is not fit for what we need.
With almost 2000 lines to cycle through and no Search function it is not usable. No Eta on a Search function leaves us having to go back to old manual methods.
Very disappointing.

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Same, This is really affecting our major use of the app, really considering switching to other providers as there is no response, feedback to what is happening with this issue.

This was helpful, thank you!

Hi @paulgagne , Hi @robins

As a workaround, you can use the app DocExport PDF Generator to create a PDF or Word Document in your own design including information from a form submission.

If you combine it with the monday automation “When item created”, you can completely automate the process.

After a form submission, a PDF will be created and automatically attached to a file column and/or sent via email to the submitter or yourself.

Here’s a quick video tutorial of how to set it up. It’s for the use case ‘Event Registration via Forms’, but it’s a similar use case with the same logic. After form submission, a PDF ticket should be created and placed in a file column:

You can also checkout our free Template Gallery to get some inspiration.

FYI @evfisher @canarini @SheilaJ @mavishp

Form Response Viewer seems to be working again this morning… is everone else’s the same?
Thank you for the info on the Doc Export PDF Generator @johannesgeyer we’ve been trying to find something that will send an automated email containing a PDF generated from a submission for a while so this has helped us with another issue :slight_smile:

I hope everyone finds the solutions they need and has a good week!


Yes! works on all boards!

This was helpful, thank you!