form not loading


many of our forms suddenly do not load anymore. The Boards load without any problem. The form view does not, neither does the link leading to the forms work.

Any ideas? :confused:

best regards

edit: it is still possible, to edit the forms

Hey @RaoulVega,

Hm, this definitely sounds a little strange…

Can I ask if the board owner or form creator still has access/is still a member in the account?

Additionally, is there any connection between the forms that fail to load?

Thanks for your help!

Hi, thanks for your reply.

Yes, the creator and owner (admin / me) still has access. There is no connection between the forms.

best regards

Thanks for getting back to me. :pray:

This definitely sounds a little strange, especially if there are no permission issues getting in the way. I think it would be best if our support team take a closer look at your set up to rule out any potential contributors. Would you be happy to reach out to the support team via our help center? Feel free to reference this thread when you reach out!

Thanks for your help!

Suddenly, everything works again :confused:

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I am glad to hear that you’re no longer experiencing issues here! Please do keep me updated however, and reach out to our support team is you find yourself encountering this situation again :+1: