Form Submission to Monday Doc

We are a professional services firm using to track project intake and other project details. We have a board with a form for new project intake.

Part of this intake requires checking off various project scope items, which is awesome, because it helps us streamline and standardize scope, and minimize future changes or “I forgot!” moments. While some of the form submission feeds various columns, it would be business-changing for us if a form submission summary was also captured in a Monday Doc and attached to the item for quick reference, updates, etc.

If this were possible, it would be like having an assistant for the entire team. Instead of having to take the form and create a scope document, Monday could do this for us. Without this, our teams are pulled away from Monday to the more familiar server/word document, which affects adoption, organization, and increases the chances that the project info in is out of date in favor of the scope doc.

Right now we don’t have any workarounds - hopefully this improves as automations available with docs progresses.

This is a great request

Hi @ljohnson - If you are open to using a third party app to achieve this, I recommend checking out DocuGen. We have built really nice PDF summaries from items in monday․com for all kinds of things, such as survey summaries, job completion reports, work requests, and early scoping documents. What you want to do sounds like a great fit for it. Here’s the link to where it is in the Marketplace: Apps Marketplace

~ Deb Cinkus, PMP
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