Form download to Word or PDF


There was a discussion in December 2021 regarding being able to download forms or docs into MS Word or PDF stating that it was in the works. I am not able to find any other discussion on it but am also not able to find where I could download or where to find the “What’s New” tab. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Hey Tanja!

There is this option within the monday workdocs for downloading the doc as a PDF:

Does this help? :blush:

Hi Charlotte, thanks for this; unfortunately, this is only for Docs, not for Forms. I would like to download a form that I can share in hard copy. Is there a way to connect a document to to automatically update a table?

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Is there any update on this post? I also want to be able to download form replies either as PDFs or even Emails.

What’s possible?

Hi @MurtazaTalib , Hi @tfrancis ,

You can use the app DocExport PDF Generator to create a PDF (or Word file) in your own design including information from a form response. If you combine it with the monday automation “When item created”, you can completely automate the process.

After a form submission, a PDF will be created and automatically attached to a file column and/or sent via email to the submitter.

Here’s a quick video tutorial of how to set it up. It’s for the use case ‘Event Registration via Forms’, but it’s a similar use case with the same logic. After form submission, a PDF ticket with details from the form submission should be created and placed in a file column: