Importing PDF form data into Monday board

Is there a way to import PDF form data directly into a board? I have several forms that need to go from the PDF form into Monday so I can use them for approval etc. I am struggling to find something to do this short of building my own app to do so, which is obviously not preferred due to time constraints. The vertical nature of everything I can find native to Monday is simply unworkable, as these forms have too many fields that need to be input. Surely there is something out there and my Google skills are just absent this morning…

Hey Brian!

What platform do you have these forms on? If you’re using monday WorkForms you can use the Form Response Viewer to download forms as PDFs and then attach them as files in your board’s File Column.

Where are you looking to keep these forms within monday? In a board or workdoc or something else?

Are you trying to transfer the information you have in your forms into a monday board without creating new columns for each question on the form?

Sorry for the confusion on my end - just want to be sure I understand exactly what you’re looking for so we can find you a solution!

I’m thinking the easiest, least manual route going forward would be to switch your future form submissions to be done through a monday WorkForm so they automatically fill out the form’s data in a board every time a form is submitted.

However, I understand you’re probably looking to capture already existing data in your board.

If you are able to export the form submissions from whatever form system you’re currently using to Excel, you could easily import the Excel document into monday as items or a board of its own.

Let me know your thoughts and we can go from there!