Automating creation of a PDF or Monday Workdoc from a board

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Hi there, I’m looking for ways to produce a template document from data within a specific board.

The context is is that we’re a film production company that need to produce what’s known as a ‘Call Sheet’ for each shoot that we’re on.

This Call Sheet consists of a whole bunch of information, including but not limited to:
-location address
-names and contact details of each and every individual on the shoot (this includes name, role/job title, phone number and email
-the date and time of the shoot
-a schedule of the shoot which includes timings

Now as the schedule is going to be particularly unique to each shoot, I’m happy this being something to add onto the document later.

According to the good folks at;

“So you can autopopulate an item of a board by using the form or the workdoc, but it’s unfortunately not possible to do it the other way around where a workdoc is autopopulated with information from a board.”

Wondering if anyone has a workaround or a third party app?

Hi Jack

We have a way to extract PDF’s from Monday boards.
It’s a working solution with lots of users.
We can also create a customizations if needed.

you can contact me for more information

See our website



You can populate workdocs with board data via the API.

I have done this in the past using

Feel free to DM me if you need further assistance.

Hope this helps

Hi @jack_rowley,

Exporting to PDF was a specific requirement from one of our clients - McDonalds!

If you’d like to see how we did it, I’ll be running a 30min webinar on the 21st of Nov @12.15pm (GMT), to showcase the McDonalds solution.

Feel free to join by registering here !

I’ll speak through the maccas problem statement, demo the solution, talk through our process and the outcome. :boom:

Hi Joseph! Would you mind explaining that process? I have a account. I am wanting to use a board’s data to create a simple report to ultimately save as a PDF. Any guidance on this process would be helpful!


Hi there, was there a recording of this?
Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hi @NLI_admin , thanks for your comment.
Unfortunately, due to privacy concerns, this webinar wasn’t recorded.

I’ll touch-base if we conduct another one.

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I would use an app like GetSign or DocuGen for this. We’ve set it up for a few of our customers to create Event Order sheets and Cover Sheets containing info from the columns in the board.

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Hi there, hope you’re well!

Automating the creation of a ‘Call Sheet’ from your board data sounds like a fantastic idea to streamline your film production processes. Although currently doesn’t support autopopulating a Workdoc from board data, there are potential workarounds you can explore. One effective solution is using third-party apps like Castle, which can integrate with to automate document creation. By setting up Castle, you can generate customized PDFs or documents based on your board’s information, ensuring all essential details such as location, contacts, and schedules are included. This approach could save you a lot of manual effort and improve your workflow efficiency. Check out Castle’s integration options here: Install Castle APP.

Bundle of thanks!!